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What must I do in order to become a Sufi? : A smart guide for seekers of truth.

It is very simple yet difficult to become a Sufi. why?

Well, there are few simple steps to become Sufi but in order to be one, you have to leave behind all of your ideologies and beliefs. That is why is difficult to do. If you are a fan of the so-called "Sufis"t with fashionable costumes and tons of jewelry then you are not looking to becomes one but simple attracts to the lifestyle and image of Sufis created by media.

It is a little bit more difficult for you if you are already a believer in any polytheistic religions such as Hinduism etc. or pseudo-monotheism such as Christianity.

(Note: keep in mind that this argument does not intend to hurt or dishonored any belief or religion but simply mentioning the nature of Sufism.)

That is why in order to become one you have to leave your belief system including atheism because the denial of God is based on the belief, not by the rationality. One cannot deny the existence of something if he cannot prove its existence which is also applied to the presence of God.)

so, without further ado. Let's get started:

Step One:

You must believe in monotheism ( Here God is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscience, all-powerful, and infinite in every possible dimension and odes do not depend on time itself.

I know it can be difficult but if you want to become Sufi then this step is a base point.

otherwise, you can be a zen master with agnostic belief but not a Sufi. This step makes the real difference between the zen master and Sufi.

Step Two:

You must believe in the decree of God. This one is the strangest concept in Sufism which is hard to swallow. because it seems that there is a contradiction between free will and decree of God.

For example:

If God is omnipotent and all-powerful and nothing can happen without his will(the basic concept of Sufism) then why it is evil and sin everywhere?

and how god can blame humans for there sins if every action of the universe including human action is predetermined and created by god itself? if the fate of the universe is already written then how can god blame humans for sins?

There can be two possibilities :

1. God has control over all action but he simply doesn't interfere in the natural processes and human actions( which satisfies the freewill).

2. Since god omniscience and all-knowing then he already knew what will happen or what can not happen in the future and all the other possibilities.

So human fate is not written by god by since god knew everything he can claim what will happen or not happen in any time frame.

The core concept of Sufism:

Note: Keep in mind, God can do whatever he wants but he doesn't interfere with the free will of humans that is why he will not help humans until and unless humans or any creature will submit his will to god.

Here comes our next step.

Step three:

Submit your will to god.

what does it really mean? well, it is a very tricky thing to understand. submission of will is not escapism nor pessimism. it simply means that you are okay with anything (pleasant or sad) but also ready to act to maintain justice and peace at any cost.

Remember saying of great Sufi scholar Rumi.

"Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form."

Step four: only collect that is a necessity, not a luxury for you.


"what is not a necessity, is a sin".

George Gurdjieff

Step five:

Never wear flashy clothes or body revealing clothes ( since dressing sense is completely personal. keep in mind that this step is not any criticism on particular dressing sense but simply contains dressing sense of a Sufi. just like a ninja wears a black dress.

Step Six:

Avoid so-called false Sufis or dervishes because 99.9% of times they are simply fraudsters only wants your money.

Many people will tell you that without a Sufi master you cant become a Sufi but keep in mind that Sufism is a mystical order or way of life. No mystic likes the limelight and your money.

All you have to do is stick with old Sufi legends such as Rumi, Al-Ghazali, Rabiya Basri, Kabir, Bulle shah, Nizamuddin Auliya, Muinuddin Chishti ( Visting tombs of Sufi saints is not related to Sufism at all).

Step Seven:

Be a scholar.

A Sufi is also a good scholar so all you have to do is to read all kinds of books from science to art and from literature to religious books ( only to understand different aspects of religions).

Step eight:

Only save 30% of your income after spending it on your daily needs. Give 70% to poor, orphans, schools, or your poor relatives.

Step nine:

Do intermittent fasting without water( on specific time periods) ( This step is optional but recommended)

For example: eat your food before dawn and break your fast after sunset in a good old fashioned way. Your fast can be one or two days long.

Note: No fighting, No lying, no sexual intercourse, no trash talk while fasting.

Step Ten:

leave the desire to be famous and never follow any celebrity. ( you must be a fan of almighty god only)

Step eleven:

Follow the nine golden rules of Sufism: Rule 1: Never, ever lie even in front of the face of death.

Remember the saying of the father of Sufism, Hazarat Ali:

"Be cautious of lies, big and small, seriously and in jest, for if a man tells a small lie, he will have the audacity to tell a big lie."

Rule 2: Never take any property which is related to others.

Rule 3: Never run after money and avoid rich peoples ( not against the particular type of people but based on the fact that money usually distractions and sins with it)

Rule 4: Never compromise justice even it may lead you to dangers or troubles.

Rule 5: Be a good friend and never break the promise.

Never ever associate anyone with god ( keep in mind that it includes patriotism, love, and affection of your family over god, the desire of money over god)

Rule 6: If you are a Sufi then you are not related to any race, caste, socio-economic class. You cannot differentiate between different races, classes, and sects.

Rule 7: Avoid any kind of violence (physical, verbal and mental) ta any cost. ( keep in mind that nonviolence is not cowardice. You must stand against the evil and tyrant people or societies with the most nonviolent way.

Remember quotes of Jesus Christ:

“Love your enemies!

Rule Nine: You cant take any kind of intoxicant such as hallucinogens, inebriants (alcohol, chloroform, ether, and benzene, other solvents, and volatile chemicals); hypnotics.

[ So if anyone is taking ganja, weed opium or any kind of this stuffs in the name of Sufism he is not a Sufi but a drug addict)

Step Twelve:

Learn to play any musical instrument whatever you like most. Some people will tell you it is not allowed in Sufism to listen to music but this is not a true fact.

majority of Sufis were great musicians such as amir khusrow, baba Bulle shah, etc.

Remember: whirling dervish was a movement that was specific to a particular timeframe. It is irrelevant to the Sufism. It becomes more like a ritual than actual Sufi practice. So kindly avoid it.

Step thirteen:

remember god 24*7 while you breath-in and breathe out.

Step fourteen: since you are a Sufi you can't hate anyone because god hates one who hates others.

Step fifteen:

Respect your parents at any cost.

It is your responsibility to respect and to take care of your parents. One cannot be a Sufi if his/her parents are unhappy with his/her. ( keep in mind that this does not apply to the unjust, and cruel parent who leads their children away from good deeds and almighty god.)

Step sixteen:

Be kind. Last but not least it is the core principle of Sufism.

Remember the saying of prophet Muhammad:

"Kindness is a mark of faith, and whoever has not kindness has not faith."

I hope this will guide you to the right path towards almighty god and will helps you to attain fana'a.

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